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Teaching International Students

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Confident in the Classroom

The bottom line in teaching is:

"Can I earn my student's trust so they will follow me into new learning territory?"

Confidence is a key component for earning student trust. And being confident in the classroom is not something you act, but something you be.

The good news?

Any instructor can learn to be more confident in the classroom. ... more

Team Learning: The Secret to Teaching in the Diverse Classroom

“Students seem to be different but they are really very much the same under the surface”

Diversity in the classroom is here to stay! But how do you teach a group of students who are of different ages, cultures, first languages, ethnicity, and orientation? And how do you do it without stress?

The secret lies in balancing between two extremes: The "one size fits all" approach to teaching on one extreme and the "custom teaching plan for every student" approach on the other. ... more

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Business Teaching Case Studies

Success orientations are built into all of the marketing, strategy, and operations management case studies authored by Paul Kurucz, originator of the success orientations model. Great for Bachelor degree, MBA, business English, and other training applications.

The Case Studies


Workshops for University and College Faculty, Staff, Management, and Students

A full range of professional development workshops are now available for universities and colleges. These highly effective and engaging workshops include focused, practical topics on diversity, teaching international students, and making your organization more effective places for the 21st century diverse student body to learn in... More...




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