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Quotes of Interest:

"Saudi students value relationships far more than the process."

Understanding Your International Students, Jeffra Flaitz (ed.), U of Michigan Press

"What I took away from the [success orientations workshop] session is: 'If you ever want to know where a party is, ask a Mexican!'"

- a participant of a multi-cultural teamwork workshop reflecting on how the Mexican culture has a strong relationship orientation.


Legal stuff:

The Success Orientations model is open for anyone to use, study, publish, or adapt for any ethical and legal purpose. The only requirement is that users include a reference to the original creator of the model Paul Kurucz in any publication, use, or other distribution of the model in electronic or print form. Thanks!

Success Orientations mapped by country aspiration

Countries tend to have a specific Success Orientations mix that is publicly espoused and deeply rooted in their culture...

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