Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

To make the assessment as accurate as possible:

  1. Answer all the questions quickly and without thinking about "what should I do?", "what have I been told to do?" or "what is the right/wrong way?". There is no correct answer. Give the answer that feels most natural to you personally...what you would do on a regular day in your life.

  2. If your mind starts analyzing the options and you think "it depends on what my day is like at the moment..." then choose your default or instinctive choice of what would be most natural for you. 

The Assessment

12 questions - about 8 - 10 minutes to complete.

All questions must be answered to get an accurate assessment. Choose the last option for any question if you wish to skip it.

1. When your phone rings:

2. When walking down a street, what do you naturally look at?:

3. When at home:

4. When you arrive at the doctor or dentist's office:

5. When doing your grocery shopping in your regular store:

6. A friend wants to do something this evening with you:

7. When learning something new, you feel most comfortable when...

8. When being tested on something you are learning, you prefer:

9. When you wash your kitchen dishes, you prefer:

10. After a long day at work or school, you come home feeling tired, but good. You are asked by someone at home what you did today. You:

11. When you need to do your annual tax return for the government:

12. When you go to a meeting, you do this first:

Privacy and Confidentially: We collect and store your assessment data so we can analyze it in aggregate form. You have the choice after the assessment to include your personal contact information in our newsletter signup. Should you choose to enter your personal contact information, we will keep it confidential and will not sell it, rent it, or otherwise compromise our commitment to a relationship with you based on trust and integrity.

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