Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

What is a "success orientation"?

Your success orientation framework is an unconscious belief system that quietly drives all aspects of your life...until you make it conscious and claim your power back from it.

The three orientations are "relationship" - people, "process" - following established ways of doing things, and "goal" - focusing primarily on the desired outcome.

"As soon as I learned my primary success orientation I changed direction in my university education to a Program that felt both far more exciting and natural to the person I am."

"I now know a lot more about myself and the kind of job I will really excel in!"

"I put this to immediate use in improving my personal and professional relationships."

"Success orientations empowered me to achieve my goals in my own natural way!"

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Success Orientations Power Guide - 2024 Edition

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Bonus: Included is the "Working remotely, online, and independently" insight guide that explores how success orientations impact the new work reality that has emerged since 2020 and 2021.

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Success Orientations Education, Career, and Relationship Coaching

Paul Kurucz - Success Orientations Coach

Intrigued about how success orientations can help with your education, job/career, and/or relationships?

Do you have a decision to make, problem to solve, or difficult relationship that is causing you anxiety, stress, and/or worry?

I can help! In the last 20 years I have coached thousands of people individually and in groups to help them gain more confidence, clarity, and freedom leading to more rewarding, fulfilling, and joyful lives. My development of the Success Orientations model originated from my 25 years as a learner-centred university professor and higher education leader and evolved into my current work coaching and advising clients around the world full-time.

I offer emotionally safe, comfortable, and confidential coaching.

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