Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

The Success Orientations Model

"I am all three orientations!"

Cool! Unusual (...but very cool).

Why unusual? Because a person may be able to work in all three orientation modes, but typically has one strong or dominant orientation and one secondary one.


Huang and Bill are typical human beings. They have one dominant and one secondary success orientation. A third orientation is weaker or missing altogether in some extreme cases.

"I use all three orientations, depending on the context of a problem"

While a few people are truly well-rounded and enjoy paperwork, meeting people, and striving towards goals equally, most people who are highly effective in their jobs and life in general can use all three orientations equally well, depending on the context of the situation they find themselves in. This is different from "being all three" however. When pressed to admit what they enjoy doing in life, these individuals will usually identify one of the three orientations as a dominant one.

So this makes an important distinction: We all seem to have a success orientation that we prefer, a secondary one which can work well for us, and a weaker third orientation that we can train ourselves to use as needed. But we may never really enjoy the third one...nor do we default to it under pressure, which is where our dominant orientation takes over and asserts itself.

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Want to learn more? Success orientations is an open source model. See the emerging web site that will support the dissemination, research, discussion, and critical analysis of the success orientations model:

Indepth information on Success Orientations

A much deeper and more fully explained look at the success orientations model is included in the first applied book on success orientations called "How to Teach International Students", available for purchase through this web site.

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Success Orientations Explained:

  Success Orientations: The full picture.

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Success Orientations: The full picture.

How To Teach International Students using Success Orientations.

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