Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

The Success Orientations Model

The Goal Orientation

Goal oriented people can see the outcomes they are trying to achieve clearly and vividly in their minds. Sometimes the goal is so vivid in their minds that they think they can even feel, taste, hear, and sense the emotions of their success when they achieve their goal - before they achieve it. The people and processes around a goal oriented person are just resources for achieving the goal. The process of getting there and the people who help along the way are useful, but ultimately not important if they are not necessary to achieving the goal.

Some general factors that describe goal oriented people:

Things you will hear a highly goal oriented person say:

Spaces a goal oriented person will like to be in:

Careers that attract goal oriented people

Leadership in general is attractive to a goal oriented person. This is in contrast to “management” which might be a word best used by a relationship oriented person or “administration” by a process oriented person. Leadership implies that there are goals that someone has achieved and that are worth achieving - someone to look up to and strive to be equal to or better than. Someone who stands out of the crowd as an individual example of excellence and strength. Some typical careers goal oriented people prefer:

Goal Orientation Extreme!

Check out this really excellent book on personal and professional effectiveness by a true Goal Oriented archetype, author Timothy Ferriss:

In "The 4-Hour Workweek" he gives us such beautiful statements as:

"...expect that some time wasters [read: relationship oriented people] will be offended the first few times their advances are rejected."


"I am not here to make friends. I have been hired to build a sales team and sell product, and that's what I intend to do. Thanks." (re-quoted in the book as an example of a focused goal oriented VP)

A highly recommended read! Not only can you cut your wasted work time down by tons of hours, but you can read how to be more goal oriented at the same time, achieving more of what you want to do...

Learn more about the goal by exploring your own ways of doing things. There is no one right way of doing things in life - but there seems to be some fairly common groupings of ways people go about doing them.

Learn More!

Want to learn more? Success orientations is an open source model. See the emerging web site that will support the dissemination, research, discussion, and critical analysis of the success orientations model:

Indepth information on Success Orientations

A much deeper and more fully explained look at the success orientations model is included in the first applied book on success orientations called "How to Teach International Students", available for purchase through this web site.

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Success Orientations Explained:

  Success Orientations: The full picture.

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Success Orientations: The full picture.

How To Teach International Students using Success Orientations.

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