Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

Success Orientations

Success Orientations

Understanding is Power

The Success Orientations Model

The Process Orientation

The process oriented person sees working within existing structures as the best way to achieve success. Governments, businesses, religions, and even nature itself have all provided structures that lead to success. Why not simply work hard and follow the rules of these structures? Doing so ensures a high chance of success at clear, attainable, well-established outcomes.

Some general factors that describe process oriented people:

Things you will hear a highly process oriented person say:

Spaces a process oriented person will like to be in

Careers that attract process oriented people:

Authority figures are comforting symbols of order and procedure for the process oriented person. A lot of process oriented people prefer uniforms, clearly defined authority, and responsibility. They gravitate to jobs with just such attributes. Credentials, years of experience, and specific experiences are all critical to a process oriented person if they are in the position of hiring someone else. Some typical careers process oriented people prefer:

Learn more about the process orientation by exploring your own ways of doing things. There is no one right way of doing things in life - but there seems to be some fairly common groupings of ways people go about doing them.

Learn More!

Want to learn more? Success orientations is an open source model. See the emerging web site that will support the dissemination, research, discussion, and critical analysis of the success orientations model:

Indepth information on Success Orientations

A much deeper and more fully explained look at the success orientations model is included in the first applied book on success orientations called "How to Teach International Students", available for purchase through this web site.

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Success Orientations Explained:

  Success Orientations: The full picture.

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Success Orientations: The full picture.

How To Teach International Students using Success Orientations.

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